Established in 2020

Welcome  to The Ebony Consortium.

The site is a platform for sharing, networking and self-empowerment. We invite all members of the community to be part of this initiative, which is an outreach to the diaspora for promoting links both nationally and internationally in the vein of love, unity, knowledge sharing and entertainment.

Motivation for this project is as much due to the call of my ancestors, for proactivity towards a more just and equal society, but also a call to arms implored by the recent words of Sister Angela Davis… I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change…I’m changing the things I cannot accept.

Wilson Hylton, MBA

Executive Editor


Our mission is to provide the highest levels of service and care to our customers by utilising the contributions from our patrons, supporters and ongoing research, by our committed inhouse staff.


Using our portfolio of contents to empower members of the diaspora to share their skills, knowledge and creativity in a progressive virtual community forum.


  • Being: Reality, Perspective, Perception, Belief
  • Experience: Emotion, Thought, Truth
  • Life Questions