Pro Female Football Player Signs Historic Shoe Deal With Footlocker-Owned Subsidiary

Santia Deck

“I just think about all the young people, especially girls and people of color, who will see this as proof that impossible dreams can come true,” CEO Santia Deck shares. The road to this moment has not been easy, but Deck and the entire team at Tronus – the “Tronus tribe” – would agree it has all been worth it. The resilience required is baked into the company’s culture and stems largely from its leadership and origin story.

Tronus is the first sneaker company owned by a professional female athlete. Santia, who was at one point an Olympic hopeful, had learned to channel dashed dreams into fuel for an even bigger impact. After learning that the rugby route she’d started after college might not pan out as she hoped, Santia turned her sights to American-style football. Obviously, no clear path for women in this heavy contact sport existed, but Deck was determined. Fast forward to the top of 2020, when Santia was awarded a multi-million-dollar deal to play the sport she loved with the newly formed WFLA.

Santia had made history and a new lane for herself all at once, and then unfortunately the pandemic began. Instead of tabling her passion and drive, she once again made a major pivot after learning that the pandemic would delay the WFLA’s first season. She and her mother, Cynthia Cureton-Robles, launched Tronus during the height of the pandemic. The demand for the first shoes they offered for pre-order crashed their website in the first 24 hours.


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