Evewright: black history month 2021. Artist walk & talk tours

© EVEWRIGHT. Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories. Walk and Talk Tour. Image John Aparicio.All rights reserved 2021.
Welcome to week two of Evewright Arts Foundation’s (EAF) Black History Month (BHM) programme. 
October is a busy month for those in the cultural sector and there is an abundance of things for you to do and see, but if you do one thing for BHM make sure you come along to one or all of our events. There is something here for everyone.
Here is your chance to book into one of our special guided tours at Tilbury Bridge with Artist EVEWRIGHT, attend an online or in person artist talk, or watch a video screening. You can also see the work on the big screen on BT sports TV, at your leisure with Benjamin Zephaniah free throughout October. You also have an opportunity to purchase a Limited-Edition work of art by Artist EVEWRIGHT!
Take a look at this roundup of our activities below. Engage and take part. 

Artist Talks & Guided Tours
EVEWRIGHT Morley Penny Lecture: Mark Making in the Public Realm
14th October : A free event hosted by Morley College, Artist EVEWRIGHT talks about the evolution of his dynamic multi-disciplinary Art practice and the importance of claiming space for new voices to be heard and experienced.From Walking Drawings with Horses in Cumbria, taking over a Takeaway in Colchester to converting a Tilbury public walkway into a conversation space for Windrush stories.
Black History Month: Artist Walk and Talk Tour –Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories
16th October : Join us for our guided tours at the art installation at Tilbury Bridge. Tickets are still available. Don’t miss this opportunity! If you haven’t already seen the artwork bring your family, meet the artist and immerse yourself in this interactive artwork. 
Black History Month: In Conversation with EVEWRIGHT
21 October : Is an online event where from your armchair you can hear Artist EVEWRIGHT talk about his practice as part of Essex County Council’s in Conversation with series and join the conversation.
Booking is required for all events spaces are limited. See the full programme on our website https://www.evewrightarts.org
BT Sport Films: Standing Firm
This amazing documentary with commentary by Benjamin Zephaniah features an interview at Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories with Artist EVEWRIGHT talking about the art and sound installation.  It also includes interviews with a host of Black football legends celebrating the legacy of the Windrush generation.
Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories is an amazing exhibition it is the place to be. This exhibition is something special. I am really inspired…. I recommend everyone come and see this. This is real history. This is the history of Britain. This is the history that made us. It’s a great thing…Its our thing.” 
Benjamin Zephaniah Poet, Musician, Writer.
The Guardian. *****Standing Firm: Football’s Windrush Story review – a damning history lesson with Benjamin Zephaniah
Take a look at what other people are saying about their visit to the installationhttps://www.evewrightarts.org
© EVEWRIGHT. $$$ KISSI PENNY $$$ BRONZE. Photo © London Bronze. All rights reserved 2021.
‘Two objects are found in street markets in different continents of the world: an Afro-comb bought in South Africa and furniture ornaments from Amsterdam. I cast them in plaster, breaking the elements into pieces, re-assembling them to create new abstract forms. A cultural lexicon of fragments emerges ready for the development of new characters and narratives. New art objects, installations and animations emerge as the relationship between the slave trade, migration, identity, race and class are explored.‘
‘I re-name these objects £££ Kissi-Pennies $$$ – a name once given to ancient African iron currency used during the slave trade in West Africa. The notion of currency, market value, exchange and worth are challenged in relation to the values of human life. The work provides a multi-sensory, multi-layered approach that connects imagery from an unpalatable past interwoven with stories of the present. Migration continues globally, a powerful driver in the movement of people. 
The Kissi Penny becomes a new currency. As each artwork is sold a fresh financial transaction takes place, releasing – “the coins with soul,”- an ancestor to be set free, with hope, by the artist.’

EVEWRIGHT£££ KISSI-PENNY $$$Bronze on Marble Plinth50.2 cm x 30cm x 15cm (HWD – Including plinth)Lockdown N.1 – 2020
Edition of 12
To place an order, or further enquires about this work,please email [email protected]
© EVEWRIGHT. £££ KISSI PENNY $$$ BRONZE. Photo © London Bronze. All rights reserved 2021.
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Evewright Arts Foundation (EAF) is a not-for-profit voluntary community organisation. We are passionate to seek out, find and preserve valuable untold stories from marginalised Black communities and present them in informal settings in an innovative and engaging way bringing hard to reach young and older generations together. We value the importance of our community telling their stories in their own voice. www.evewrightarts.org
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