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Soko is a discovery network for the black community to connect, collaborate, and find new opportunities.

This is a movement to change the landscape of the Black community. 

Yes, we intend to be the platform to connect Black professionals to each other through the web, but it will go deeper than that. 

We will become the socioeconomic hub of the Black community. As you follow us and live on our platform, you will understand the meaning of this. 

Our founder, Martel Metellus, had the vision to unify the community and build its resources and this is the vision that is being built out. 

Please make sure to share Soko to your loved ones and friends who are Black. 

This will be an invite-only platform and only those who are on this email list once we launch will have access to the beta version. They will also have referral abilities.

Those who didn’t subscribe to our email list during these times will have to wait to be referred by members of the network.

Spread the word and get people to sign up! Our team is growing and we are progressing rapidly!

See you soon,

Soko Team (click)

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