Jaqueline hall : Redundancy’s 5 Friends

Redundancy. It is a word that makes people feel pity for those experiencing it, fear in those going through it, and regret in those who have make the difficult decisions and manage the process. I have been, or rather roles I served in, have been made redundant 4 times and it is not pleasant. Your emotions go through the floor because redundancy does not arrive alone. It has five friends that come along for the ride.

Shock. You believed you had the choice over when to leave an organisation. However, this experience burst that bubble. Circumstances dictate differently, and like death, although you might know that it will come, when it does you do not expect it. The power other people’s decisions exert on your life, even though you do not know them personally is one of the shocks of redundancy.

Rejection. When you had been offered the role, your belief in your self-worth had been confirmed. The recruiter had seen value in your skills and potential in your DNA (Dynamic Nature and Abilities). You and your role fulfilment created an identity within the organisation. Redundancy assaults your sense of worth and implies rejection of you personally, rather than the role no longer being useful to the organisation’s overall objectives

Disappointment. Many of your plans for the next month or for years to come need money to bring them to fruition. To fulfil them you planned to use earnt income as a means of achieving the. When it comes redundancy disappoints your hopes. It also threatens the potential in the dreams you want yourself and your family to experience.

Disconnection. For however many years or months you met the commitment you had made to yourself and your employer. In service to this you:

1.    Performed the necessary pre-work routines necessary to get yourself out of your home each day

2.    Ensured you were on time and at locations specific to your employment.

3.    Interacted appropriately with colleagues at different levels within the organisation.

4.    Acted within the boundaries of your role.

Redundancy is an interruption. It breaks the patterns of and brings disconnection to the flow of your life.

Separation. You entered two contracts when you became employed

  1. The employment contract which set out the responsibilities and rights of both you and your employer; and
  2. The psychological contract which is the unwritten set of expectations of the employment relationship, that would help you show respect for each other.

These two elements helped to bind you and your employer together. Redundancy brings a separation between you, and the faith held in the promise of these two contracts.

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