Withdrawal of the Order of Distinction to David Rodigan from the Jamaican Government: Your views?

We the concerned supporters of Reggae demand that the JLP Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness and Olivia Grange the Culture minister in Jamaica must withdraw the Jamaican government’s wrong cultural move in announcing their decision to award David Rodigan a British citizen the Order of Distinction,O.D. for our Reggae music.


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8 thoughts on “Withdrawal of the Order of Distinction to David Rodigan from the Jamaican Government: Your views?”

  1. This is a much deserved accolade for Rodigan. He has been an ambassador for reggae music and has helped promote reggae music and the country of its roots, Jamaica. Shout out to you Rodigan!! Respect!!!

  2. Anita Hylton

    David’s knowledge of Reggae Music that he has shared with us over many years has been invaluable to those who did not know the history of reggae music, and I for one will hold up my hand
    on a few occasions of not knowing. So well done to David Rodigan who deserves this honour and respect. 👏🏿👏🏿

  3. Vee Dobson

    Good morning all. After what’s been happening in the world I am surprised that yet again we’re going after David Rodigan. Why do we wish to strip a man of something which he was awarded by our own people? He never went up and asked them for an award, they thought he was eligible for his work with reggae music. I for one feel very strong about this and will always support David Rodigan. I do remember when I first heard Rodigan and a lot of people around me thought he was a black guy. Why? It didn’t matter the colour of his skin. It was all about the music, the DJ every weekend and Wednesday nights in Notting Hill/ Dean Street in the West End on Saturday night.
    I hope that England doesn’t start stripping our great black people for recognising some of the achievements they’ve made here.
    We are better than this.

    Vee – not happy.

  4. Marilyn Francis

    I dont think his accomplishments should be ignored or unacknowledged. They are his in his own right and deserved.
    What I do question is whether there are others within our community, home or abroad, who have not received the recognition they deserve and if not why not? We have great musicians, historians, poets, artistes in abundance and I wonder how many we are putting forward for public recognition …
    On a slightly different note I had not heard of an OD. I shall certainly look this up and thank you for continuing to educate. One Love

  5. Anita Hylton

    With reference to O.D. There are actually two Ranks of Distinctions under this category, Order of Distinction (OD) and Commander of Distinction (CD).
    The Honour of the Order may be conferred upon any citizen of Jamaica who renders outstanding and important services to Jamaica and upon any distinguished citizen of a country other than Jamaica (honorary member). The motto of the Order is
    “Distinction through service”.

    Hope this helps.

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