Jacqueline Hall, MSc : Dale coaching

Clients describe my approach as laid back yet quickly, simply and effectively getting to the heart of their concerns, helping them to build on their successes and improving their performance.   I work with:

Family Business Leaders:

  • Couples who are navigating life and business partnership
  • Leadership teams wanting to increase effectiveness and impact, creativity and innovation.

My approach enables family businesses to:

  • Build on their successes
  • Explore new markets
  • Plan the integration of the right family members, and
  • Reconcile and strengthen internal relationships

leading to increased productivity and revenue, new thinking and insight into different perspectives.

Individuals exploring development/change, who require:

  • Clarity about the way forward
  • Encouragement to make decisions that will be profitable to them
  • An approach that is straightforward and quickly brings resolution.

Enabling them to improve in self-leadership and personal growth, wisdom, understanding and insight.

Why Work with Me

On numerous levels you will be challenged and provoked to think differently. As your accountability partner I will help you to stay on track, so your ambitions do not fall by the wayside. 

Dale Coaching

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