Andrew Beckford – Teacher and author

Andrew Beckford was born in St Andrew; Jamaica. There he developed the love for writing where he attended Mico Teacher’s College and later, The University of The West Indies. However, his first published writing started in the UK at Manchester Metropolitan University where he started to write his first book Forces of Changing Traditions. Later to that, he penned A Boy’s Cry and The Missing Fathers.

Writing has been more of a pass time than a profession for him since he juggles his writing with his teaching profession. He is a teacher of Geography in the Secondary Schools and most of his writings have been influenced by his teaching experience of black children, as he makes a concerted effort to make a change to  black children’s lives. He sees the social and financial struggles amongst the black children that he has taught and has subsequently worked hard to make a positive change.

 It was therefore by no coincidence that he has written his latest book The Girl Who Shone Like A Star. A book that was influenced by his realisation that some black girls lacked the confidence in the classroom and for some, they showed a low self-worth. Most being bright but still on purpose dumb down themselves in order to fit in.

He writes this book with the aim of letting black girls, especially in the UK know that they have nothing to fear and that they must be bold and fierce with their knowledge and shine always like the star in the sky. He used the backdrop of a girl who had Cystic Fibrosis and despite this debilitating disease, she achieved excellent standards and was able to positively influence her peers in their academic endeavour. The story allows for people to look at the challenges black people face in their relationships and although it is subtly written the aim is to allow them to question some of the story lines to the fullest degree. Andrew is on the path of writing his next book titled My Relationship with Yashua.

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