Poetic Reflections of the Soul – Jessica Adolphe (author)

Denise Jessica Adolphe is a married mother of two and a Myasthenia Gravis warrior and survivor. Born in east London to St Lucian parents, Denise spent her formative years growing up in Kent and going to university in Birmingham before moving back to London in the mid-1990s. A project manager in her day job, Denise has quietly written poetry all her life. Now Denise is ready to share this with the world in her first published book.

We all have experiences about race, loss, life, clarity and hope, even if they widely differ. The poems in Poetic Reflections of the Soul, which was written and published during lockdown March to May 2020, may resonate and reflect your soul, or they may open your eyes to a new and different experience. Whatever your starting point Poetic Reflections of the Soul will take you on a journey. Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Poetic Reflections of the Soul (review book)

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