Eugene Ellis – Bio

I came into therapy as part of my emancipation from internal oppression, as a consequence of my personal experiences and as a result of living in a racialised world. Many of the therapists who are part of this network have been through a similar process themselves and are passionate about inspiring and energising those that want to do the same.

Eugene trained as an Integrative Arts psychotherapist, which is a powerful way of facilitating self-healing through the use of metaphor and the imagination. He has a private practice in London, offering psychotherapy to individuals, as well as adoption support, supervision and training.

He has worked for many years with severely traumatised children and their families in the field of adoption and fostering and has a particular interest in body orientated therapies including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, Metallisation and Mindfulness approaches. Eugene also facilitates dialogues around race and culture as it relates to the body within organisations and in psychotherapy trainings.


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