Independence: much ado about nothing

There is nothing to Jamaica’s Independence, as the country has remained dependent on Britain ever since it became an independent nation, which makes our Independence much ado about nothing – a big fuss over a trifle, according to former Senator Navel Clarke.

Clarke, who has given 23 years of continuous service as a Senator, the longest on the PNP side, and is referred to by his colleagues as the Standing Orders man, due to his familiarity with the procedures, says Independent Jamaica can’t do a thing without Her Majesty – HM – all over it.

“The laws we enact are in the name of HM The Queen, who is mentioned in all that we do as an independent nation.

“The sentences that we as an independent country put on criminals can easily be reversed or commuted by The Queen through the Privy Council.

“Our leaders in Parliament can’t even pray for our own people first; it has to be first for the safety, honor and happiness of the Queen. What kind of Independence is this?

“And while Jamaica continues to worship The Queen we still require a visa to go to Britain,” Clarke laments


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1 thought on “Independence: much ado about nothing”

  1. Marilyn Francis

    Its a hot potato indeed. Do we really want independece? What will further indepedence do for the country and its people? What does dependence stop Jamaica from achieving?
    If true independence allows Jamaica to propsper in every way then lets go for it and be truly independent. However if it means that we can rely on Britain to assist when in need then perhaps now is not the best time. However I do believe that true independence should be a long term goal.

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