longfield wellness


Longfield Wellness provides wellness programs for Organizations, Corporate Companies, Schools, Prisons and Individuals in local communities.

Our mission is to Empower people both in mind and body by our comprehensive customize programs.

Our values:

Customer commitment

To build and maintain a healthy inspiring Relationship with all our clients.


We provide the very finest up to date wellness programs delivered by professionals with a superior service.


We up hold the highest ethical standards in all that we do.


We are dedicated to respect and improve the lives of the communities we serve with compassion and care.

The services we offer;


Situational, Formal, Informal, Personal and Professional, Self-Development. One on One Mentoring, Group Mentoring, Virtual Mentoring.  


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy {CBT}, Creative Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, Children and Adolescent.  

Self Defence

Concepts and Strategies, Personal Safety, Children and Bullying, Self Defence Law, Types of Attacks, Hard & Soft Tai Chi, Tactical Defence

We are fully qualified, experienced national onsite service provider with online service available as well.

For Information please contact:

 Tel 07308 670143

Email:  [email protected]

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