britain and the slave trade

Early British slaving voyages John Hawkins is considered to be the first English slave trader. He left England in 1562 on the first of three slaving voyages. In 1563 he sold slaves in St Domingo, his second voyage was in 1564 and his final, and disastrous voyage was in 1567. At this time British interests lay with African produce rather than with the slave trade and between 1553 and 1660 numerous charters were granted to British merchants to establish settlements on the West Coast of Africa to supply goods such as ivory, gold, pepper, dyewood and indigo. There was much rivalry on the West Coast of Africa between other European powers, especially between Portugal, Holland, Denmark and Sweden; most companies sustained significant losses. This rivalry increased once plantation slavery was introduced in the Americas. [See full text attached].


How Britain benefited, in some part, from the wealth gained from the slave trade.

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